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Unlocking Opportunities for Your Business

Pay Only Upon Victory

Why invest in entry fees with no guaranteed return? With us, you only pay a fee if you clinch an award. It's a straightforward and fair approach – pay an Award Acceptance Fee only when you emerge victorious, and relish a host of exclusive benefits.

Comprehensive Publicity Package

As a winner or finalist, bask in the glory of credible industry recognition and publicity. Benefit from national press releases, features on Google and Yahoo! News, content marketing, and detailed case studies that amplify your success.

Strategic Social Marketing

Harness the power of social media for your business. We proudly announce your achievements on various social platforms and maintain regular engagement with you and your followers to maximize your digital presence.

Exclusive Interviews and PR Opportunities

Elevate your standing in the industry through quality, in-depth content featuring your team. Become a trusted voice in your sector as we highlight the achievements and success of your business or enterprise through interviews and PR initiatives.

Excellence Awards

Mission and Vision

Financial Growth

Innovation / RRD

Human Resource Policies

Goodwill & Brand Perception

Social & Environmental Policies

Unlock Success: Top 5 Reasons to Enter Tycoons Of Asia Awards


Elevate Your Company's Profile and Reputation

Being a finalist or winner at Tycoons Of Asia Awards significantly enhances your company's profile and reputation. These accolades serve as a stamp of legitimacy, promoting your business to potential customers, partners, and employees.


Drive Sales, Foster Partnerships, and Expand Customer Base

Awards bring tangible benefits to your bottom line by instilling confidence in potential customers. Showcase your reputable track record through awards to boost sales and attract new customers.


Enhance Employee Retention and Work-Life Balance

Winning awards is a morale booster for your team, contributing to higher employee retention rates. Employees take pride in being associated with an award-winning company.


Establish Yourself as a Top Industry Player

Personal recognition as a director, owner, or CEO through Tycoons Of Asia Awards positions you as a top player in your field.


Continuous Learning and Skill Enhancement

Participation in business awards is not just about winning; it's an opportunity to improve various business skills. Gain insights into refining your marketing strategy, customer service, branding, and finance skills.

Media Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there's absolutely nothing to pay if your entry doesn't secure the top award within its category. Finalist (runners up) awards are offered for each category free of charge.
We welcome entries from companies worldwide, but a substantial amount of business with India-based companies is necessary for qualification. If we have any queries during judging, we'll contact you via email to confirm this.
There is no official limit on the number of awards or categories you can enter. Increase your chances of winning by applying for multiple awards and categories.
To minimize bias, we avoid running awards in areas where we may have a commercial interest. Our judging panel includes internal staff, guest/external industry experts who declare any possible conflicts of interest. A stringent scoring process ensures fair and consistent judging within each category.
Upon winning, you'll receive a private congratulatory email ahead of the official announcement. You'll be provided with an Award Acceptance Form to accept or decline awards and choose trophies. The announcement is made only if you accept the award and agree to be invoiced for the Award Acceptance Fee.
We'll send you an invoice for any fees, including bank details. Payment options include major credit/debit cards via Phone Pe or Gpay.
No, we do not offer discounts on Award Acceptance Fees to maintain fairness. Any sector-specific, sponsor-related, or seasonal offers will be communicated privately..
Awards are based on merit, assessed against our scoring matrix. Even if you're the sole entry in a category, the award is not automatic; additional entries may be invited.
Yes, the prices displayed on the website are exclusive of GST. GST will be charged at the point of payment.

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